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On Friday, I switch from being an intern and grad student, once more resuming my alter ego of freelance writer. I’ll be heading down to Farpoint in lovely Timonium, Maryland, reconnecting with peers, pals, and panels. For those attending, I look forward to seeing you all. Here’s my schedule of activity:SaturdayAt 10 a.m., the con kicks off with my solo hour where, aided and abetted by the wonderful Glenn Hauman, we’ll show movie trailers.12 – 1 p.m., 2010 Comics in ReviewWhich comics were good in 2010?  Which were great?  Which were glossy toilet paper? With Allyn Gibson, Glenn, Keith R.A. DeCandido, and Peter David.1-3 p.m., Writers Workshop This is Howard Weinstein’s annual event and of late he’s invited me to participate which I will, once I come back from lunch.4-5 p.m., Crazy 8: New Publishing Venture LaunchesLearn all about the birth of an exciting new publishing entity, with new books to come from Peter David, Mike Friedman, Glenn Hauman, Aaron Rosenberg, Howard Weinstein, and me.8-10 p.m., MasqueradeNo, I won’t be in costume but I will be judging and Deb will be handing out the Robbie Greenberger Memorial Award so it holds a special place in our heart.Sunday10-11 a.m., Bob & Howie ShowWhat’s a Maryland convention without this panel, where Howie and I find things to discuss, debate and defame in the course of an hour.2-3 p.m. The Digital FrontierFrom Kindle and the Nook, to the internet in general, how are writers and readers confronting the revolution of digital texts? Moderated by Dave Galanter, Aaron Rosenberg, Glenn Hauman, and me.I also recommend the Boogie Knights concert, even without Kate’s presence (she remains, alas, in Iraq but will return in April).

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