Farpoint Day One

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Farpoint used to be a smaller, mirror image of Shore Leave but over the last few years, it has found its own identity and voice. The move three years ago to the Crown Plaza in Timonium also visually divorced it from being perceived as the little sister to Shore Leave.I have a great time at the smaller, more intimate conventions, having a chance to actually talk to the fans or fellow authors. My schedule can be just as full but still feel less hectic.Our drive down Friday was long thanks to a ton of volume, which is to be expected at the beginning of a three-day weekend. Without any obligations, Deb and I could meander and visit with people, getting nicely reacquainted.On Saturday, I showed my usual assortment of movie trailers, aided by Glenn Hauman, and also got to tell everyone about my move into teaching, which was warmly received. The videos were interesting in that most were unaware of the sheer volume of genre product coming in the next two months, before the blockbuster season kicks off.  We then watched the Boogie Knights who were fun, as always.At Noon, a handful of discussed 2010 in comics and debated some of our favorite (and least favorite books). I had a list which included on the plus side iZombie, the three Avengers titles, Fantastic Four, Batgirl, Red Robin, Invincible Iron Man, Irredeemable, Incorruptible, Stumptown, The Outfit, and Thor the Mighty Avenger.After a quick lunch, I participated in the last half of Howard Weinstein’s Writers’ Workshop, which included for the first time, video clips of movie and television scenes to illustrate dramatic points. At 4, we had the Crazy 8 launch panel and I’ll detail that in a post or two. But the theme of the weekend was certainly digital as everyone was talking about it.Howie, his adorable wife Susan, Mike Friedman and I had dinner then rushed back to the hotel for the Masquerade where Mike and I were among the judges. Deb was asked to be a workmanship judge so this was the first time in our history that we both judged the same competition. Backstage I got to meet and chat with media guests Bonita Fediracy and Tahmoh Penikett, who were quite pleasant. There was a lot of shop talk that was fascinating to hear. Things unfortunately were delayed with technical glitches so the restless audience was partly entertained by Peter David who sang a selection of Tom Lehrer songs, astonishingly from memory.  The competition finally got underway and the 20 or so entries were a strong crop and mostly entertaining. It was exceptionally fitting on many levels that Deb awarded the Robbie Greenberger Most Original Award to Ariel David, dressed as a feline Green Lantern.Post-Masquerade I attended the Ten Forward dance, hitting the floor, and staying up way later than the norm and felt it all day Sunday.

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