Farpoint Day Two

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Sundays at conventions can be tiring affairs as everyone shakes off staying up too late and has to struggle with packing, checking out, attending panels and the like. The day started off with a catch-up breakfast with Deb, Howie, and Ann Crispin. Ann has spent the better part of the last three years writing a prequel novel to Pirates of the Caribbean. Her hardcover, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom, will be on sale May 17, three days before the fourth installment of the series opens in theaters. She spoke with pride about the finished work and having read portions of it, I think it will be very well received.The Bob and Howie Show, a Maryland fixture, is normally a freewheeling hour about whatever comes to mind and this year, it was mostly focused on Crazy 8 and the changes in publishing. As soon as that ended, Mike, Peter, and I went off to meet and work on a project. I then followed that with a meeting with Aaron Rosenberg since he and I have all manner of stuff in the works together. I was, therefore, late to the Boogie Knights concert so I missed my favorite number, “Jousting”, walking in just after it ended, causing the band to crack up.At 2, Aaron, Glenn Hauman and I held a Digital Frontier panel to talk about the world that Crazy 8 wants to be a part of. We had a tiny audience, but they were rapt and came with good questions.The rest of Sunday was either getting some writing done or socializing, complete with a dinner with the David family which really wrapped things up nicely.Today was a fine drive home, watching the temperature drop with the mileage. We left quite early and missed traffic and apparently the snow. The roads through New Jersey got slicker and slicker with some flurries but by the time we returned to Connecticut, the snow had moved on. It did mean, though, that I had to shovel three fresh inches of powder once the car was unloaded.I welcome my week off from high school with a full schedule of freelance stuff to manage with the hopes of even a little time for reading.

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