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With no high school this week, I was able to focus on my graduate reading and projects in addition to tackling the freelance work.It meant, for the most part, that I was back to my old routine and schedule, and I certainly enjoyed the ability to enjoy coffee and the morning papers with Deb before we repaired to our respective offices.The grad work was time consuming but fortunately, none too difficult. The most involved was building a website in WordPress for the first time. When I seek employment as a teacher, apparently, I will benefit from having a place to demonstrate my coursework. While the estimable Glenn Hauman built this site, its inner workings were largely a mystery to me. But now that I have actually built a rudimentary one from scratch, I have a far greater appreciation of the effort that goes into these.I did work on two group projects for courses and it’s nice to have those moving along nicely, too.The bulk of the time, though, was spent being creative. I actually had to sit and conceive of original characters and storylines for a project being worked on in conjunction with Mike Friedman and Peter David (which is totally divorced from Crazy Eight). We spent a chunk of time last Sunday at Farpoint discuss where we were and where we needed to be and it was challenging. First of all, I really haven’t done much fiction in ages so I was feeling rusty. My output Tuesday did not please me and I was seeking inspiration. Unbidden, it finally arrived Wednesday morning which felt great. The material just flowed from that point forward until it was done and I received positive comments from my pals.I’m halfway through my first ReDeus story for that long simmering project and now that I did some more fiction I hope to blow through the remainder of the story this week, especially since the revised deadline Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile and I gave ourselves is Tuesday. (I notice I seem to be working trios, and it’s not by design.)I even managed to prep the taxes so I can deliver them to Mr. Accountant tomorrow so as the week winds down, I can proudly say I have tackled most of that which needed doing. Monday it will be back to the new routine which will be fine by me.

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