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I have been remiss in updating my appearances for the year and have adjusted that so you can find me at a variety of cons across the northeast between now and fall. First up, though, is this weekend’s Lunacon, in Ryebrook, NY where I will return to provide the halftime entertainment (Trailer Park) during Masquerade. Meantime, here’s my programming for the show should you be in attendance.Saturday, 11 a.m.-NoonWorking Without a NetPersonal and Business Planning and Management for Creative Professionals with Russ Handelman and Ariel Cinii.Saturday, 6-7 p.m.The invisible collaborator or paid fanfiction?Anthologies in someone else’s world or are they really written fanfictions for money?  With Kate Paulk and Ginjer Buchannan.Sunday, 10-11 a.m.To Write, Or To Have A Life? Can You Do Both?The life of a writer is hard, yet rewarding, like a body-building genie.  How to balance multiple projects and get them all done, without killing yourself. Being able to get them all done and still have an active social life…well, that may take more than one panel to explain. With Michael D’Ambrosio.Sunday, 11a.m.-NoonGreat but Forgotten       What great SF films and TV series seem to have been forgotten by modern fans?  Does anyone remember “The Space Explorers”?  Worse, have people forgotten things like “The Middleman” or “Phase 4” or “Deathwatch”?  Discuss your favorite films and movies that need to be better known.   With Chuck Rothman and Robert Rosenberg.

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