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I know I’ve been quiet of late and for that I apologize. It’s been busy. Exhausting even. The amazing part is that things would be worse if I wasn’t allowed to occasionally do grad school work during downtimes at high school.Life as an intern has the advantage of no two days being alike, but there’s also the uncertainty of how well-prepared teachers leave me. In some cases there’s work that doesn’t fill the class time or today, when a teacher had to call in because she forgot to there was a quiz to be handed out. As the third quarter ends this week, there’s a rush to make sure things are taught in time for testing to complete the quarter’s grades.My schedule for the last two months has been full enough that I have had precious little time to observe teachers which has been mildly frustrating. On the flipside, I am getting to know more faculty and students which makes me feel more comfortable. And yes, I get some of my reading and writing for grad school done during free periods.Grad school has hit a crescendo of sorts as I have two different group projects due this week plus a paper. The paper involves my having to conduct two classroom observations of special ed and even though I began trying to schedule this in mid-February, I am still one observation short requiring me to ask for an extension, which irks me. The group projects are also interesting in that I am working with two very different group dynamics with their pluses and minuses.The grad classes themselves are another matter entirely. So much of what I’m being taught seems to bear no connection to the classroom experience, or the secondary education experience. On the other hand, my new technologies course is exposing me to not only tech I’ve never touched, but teaching methods and theories that have nothing to do with technology.Atop my four courses, I have also begun spending Saturdays in class for electives. The first is Folklore and Fantasy and the kickoff session was really a lot of fun. The overall schedule, though, feels grueling and leaves me tired. I continue to find spare minutes for my writing and editing work but some spec stuff beckons me and there’s just no time to touch it over the next few weeks.

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