Barbara Gordon, Junior Detective

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Every writer has projects that do not get sold; it’s the nature of the business. It’s rare, though, that the unsold material never is ever on display. Sometimes, though, you can’t resist.Recently, my pal Johanna Draper Carlson posted the unsold pitch to a Lois Lane YA book series. I found it fascinating at how developed and polished it was, complete with character art. I had heard about this at length without ever reading it, but was using it for inspiration.Some time back, DC’s Licensed Publishing department was seeking additional pitches to sell a package of YA series to book publishers. I was invited to conceive a project and focused on young Barbara Gordon, figuring her time in High School was ripe for exploration. I did a few paragraphs and was asked to turn it into a full proposal.Although the multiple series were pitched to several publishers, none snapped at them and they languished. When I saw Johanna’s post, I sent her my pitch to see more of what could have been and she posted the entire proposal. I invite you to click over and see for yourself.This could have been tremendous fun.

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