I-Con, Day the Second

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Sunday morning found me somewhat awake after a fitful night’s sleep. I was showered and dressed, in the lobby pouring myself a cup of coffee as the fire alarm sounded. I spent about an hour in the lobby, playing with my new Droid X phone (which I obtained Friday night and we hadn’t really been properly introduced yet), watching firemen and police come and go.  No sooner did they leave than the alarm resounded. Between that and the world’s slowest internet connection, I gave up and headed for campus.I finally got to chat with Mike Kaluta in the Green Room, an old colleague I had not seen in way too long a stretch of time. I had to excuse myself, though, for the 11 a.m. panel. As I arrived, there was a teacher and students for a tutoring session, claiming someone told them the panel had been canceled. I trudged back to the main building and checked with Information. They and the track leader were confounded. So, I headed back to the Green Room and hung out until the Sunday edition of Trailer Park.The room was just over half full with many repeaters from yesterday but just as enthusiastic. We once more passed the hat and collected another $75 for Britain’s Comic Relief.I hightailed it back to the Student Activities Center for my panel on Social Relevance in the Comics where I shared a lively hour with Elaine Lee and Mark Mazz. We had quite the nice turnout and a thoughtful discussion.I stopped in at my last port of call, hoping to tell my fellow panelists I’d be right back so I could snag some lunch. Instead, one guy sat in the audience and my colleagues were AWOL. I got my lunch and hurried back to find an empty room so I returned to the Green room, wolfed down my meal and hurried to make an earlier ferry home.So, I had fun and had some unexpected adventures as once more I-Con delivered a fine time.

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