The Streak Comes to an End

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Back in the late 1990s, I bought a score book and took it with me to baseball games and kept score. It didn’t matter who was playing or at what level it was being played on, I focused on the game and scored every pitch and hit. I would staple my ticket stub to the page and often, the newspaper box score which provided more detail, especially if I wound up arriving late or had to leave early.The first game recorded was Opening Day 1998 as the Mets beat the Phillies 1-0 as Bobby Jones bested Curt Schilling.I would attend 2-4 Mets games a season, along with other odd games that life presented to me. Of course there were many from the nearby Bridgeport Bluefish and similar games but I scored them all, not only to have the souvenir but to force me to pay attention the game, the mechanics, and the strategy. The first book got filled and a second was begun and late last year, I bought the third score book.Last year, after seeing the Mets lose again, I went back and checked. The last time I saw them win a game in person, it was April 21, 2007. On that Saturday afternoon, we watched the Mets vs. Braves as Darren Oliver pitched for the win and Jose Reyes, Ramon Castro, Damian Easley all homered.Since then, I have watched the increasing futility of the overpriced team. We bid farewell to Shea Stadium and guardedly welcomed Citi Field (which I still call Shea).With Kate visiting us this week, after her latest four-month stint overseas, we decided to risk fate and bought tickets to a game. Last night we braved the winds and dropping temperatures to see if the Mets might win one from the Houston Astros.And the streak of losses ended. The Mets had what the radio announcers called a laugher as they pounded the Astros, winning 9-1. We saw the return of Jason Bay, who went 1-4 but managed a four base error, scoring the 8th run of the game. We saw backup catcher Mike Nikeas’ 22nd at bat and first major league homerun. We saw manager Terry Collins tossed from his first ballgame since 1999 and what might have been the earliest hook I’ve ever witnessed; being ejected during the second at bat.We had great seats in the upper deck, slightly to the third base side of home plate. Eating Shake Shack burgers and fries, we cheered and had a marvelous time.The personal streak of witnessing Mets losses is over, now let’s see if the team can do better going forward after a miserable April.

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