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I haven’t talked much about the freelance world, largely because there’s been such little activity but I figured we’re due for a review.So, Battle of Destiny, which I packaged for Avalanche Comics Entertainment back in 2008, hit the comic shops last week via Ape Entertainment. I’m very proud of the finished product and some advance previews garnered good reviews but I’ve seen nothing since regular readers could buy it.Meantime, ACE continues to work on various projects and should they need me, I’ll get involved with them.Instead, I continue to edit for Silver Dragon, Zenescope’s all-ages imprint. Last week the Discovery Channel Dinosaur book finally went off to the printer and I am now hard work on the Animal Planet book. It’s been an interesting experience as every licensee and publisher works just a wee bit differently. I think, though, the finished product will be worth it. Hope you all checked out the sampler that was part of Free Comic Book Day.On the writing front, I continue to pen my weekly op-ed column for the Fairfield Patch plus my semi-monthly column at Westfield Comics. As time permits, I continue to contribute to ComicMix with a flurry of reviews about to hit.Even though there hasn’t been much going on publically, there has been a steady stream of behind-the-scene work being done on Crazy 8 Press, and we’re still on track to kick off in July. The first book now has a cover and is being formatted for all eBook platforms. Announcements are imminent. Of course, I still have to write my piece for the consortium and thankfully I have ideas.And to review, I have finished work due out within the year. There’s a second Scooby-Doo comic story for DC, more articles for Marvel Spotlight and Star Trek magazine; the Howard Chaykin retrospective I wrote for Dynamic Forces and two other books I edited for them. The ghostwritten book has been designed and should be solicited soon and I may even get to talk about that. I was asked to ghost a second book for the same person and was to work on that in January but it got held up by the publisher. Within the last few weeks the project woke up and we’re negotiating deadlines that work with my school schedule although they really want a sample chapter in June.I have written four essays, and possibly will write a few more, for forthcoming multi-volume encyclopedic work on graphic novels.I also got to do a career retrospective interview with Adrienne Roy, who succumbed to cancer earlier this year, so that’s forthcoming in Back Issue! and I have begun a series of interviews to do a career retrospective with someone else, who is fortunately not ill, but no longer working in the field. We’ve had one session so far and I am really looking forward to getting into the meat when we chat again next week.There’s another project I did with some friends that I am bursting to talk about but the Non-Disclosure Agreement means I can’t but it was some of the most fun I had writing in years.There remain various pitches floating here and there along with some sample work that needs revision based on editorial or agent feedback so they need tending whenever time presents itself.Not sure how I fit it all in, but I do like the variety life has presented to me.

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