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Ever since I began writing my Op-Ed column at Fairfield Patch, many of my critics decried my presence, arguing my role as the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Town Committee made me far too biased. Of course, I shied away from straight politics, not slamming or endorsing candidates. Still, some continued to think it overly colored my commentary on doings around town.Now that we’re moving into the 2011 election cycle, with its townwide offices up for grabs, the editorial powers that be felt that my role, which does involve recruiting and training candidates, does present a clearer conflict of interest.As a result, my final column for the Patch goes up shortly, an apolitical one at that, and for the foreseeable future I will no longer be a paid contributor to the site. It was amicable and the door is ajar, my status to be assessed post-election and it may well mean I return to my beat.I have to admit, I will miss the opportunity to analyze and comment on decisions made in town or spotlight the work being done that doesn’t always merit attention. I won’t miss the mean-spirited or ignorant comments.Now I just need to focus on school work and gear up for whatever other freelance opportunities come my way.

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