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As one might imagine, my peers in publishing are all trying out ways to make their works available to audiences beyond traditional publishing. Right now, mainstream publishing reminds me of criminals, superstitious and cowardly. As a result, scores of writers are trying their hands at self-publishing. As many readers know, I’m about to jump into the digital waters as part of Crazy 8 Press.Others have successfully preceded me including IAMTW co-founder Lee Goldberg. Two years ago, following the tireless promoter Joe Konrath’s advice, Lee began a “Kindle Experiment” by making his out-of-print book The Walk available as an eBook. In that time, he has sold close to 20,000 copies of The Walk since then. For the next week, he’s offering the book for a mere 99 cents.Anyone sending Lee an email ( with proof of purchase will receive a free copy of Face of Evil, the first offering in his digital original series The Dead Man.Over in Ireland, Diane Duane has just launched her own EBook Direct with newly restored versions of the first four novels in her wonderful Young Wizards series. She’s got a smattering of original eBooks there along with some of her backlist.Many, many others put books up and hope for the best but the trick, we’re learning, is getting noticed. So let me help by suggesting you check out my pal Paul Kupperberg’s new eBook initiative, Buffalo Avenue Books. He’s got three books for sale, some dramatics, some humorous. As for Crazy 8, we launch July 8 and as has been mentioned elsewhere, the first novel will be The Camelot Papers, a fresh look at the Arthurian legend, and totally unrelated to his previous Arthur trilogy. We’ll be talking more about this site in coming weeks.

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