Bone Marrow Bill Passes

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I’ve talked about this before, but feel it’s worth giving you a happy update.Up in Hartford this session, I’ve been tracking the progress of Bill 5032: AN ACT REQUIRING HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR BONE MARROW TESTING. “To require individual and group health insurance policies to provide coverage for bone marrow testing.”Introduced by the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, this was finally kept out of any omnibus medical bill that led to its demise for the last several years. Between a new governor and the legislature considering this on its own, the bill was passed in the state house yesterday.Word from the Fairfield delegation is that Governor Dannel Malloy is expected to sign this into law. I am delighted that all three state representatives from Fairfield and our State Senator all signed on as co-sponsors.Many of us who have lobbied for its passage have done so for very personal reasons and the collective sigh of relief was universal across the e-mail chains this morning.This one’s for you, Robbie.

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