Charity Roast Mere Weeks Away

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I am usually happy to promote my published works or talk about my political or educational worlds but talking about me still makes me feel odd. Still, since we’re talking about raising money for the American Red Cross I’ll make an exception.We’re four weeks away from Shore Leave and Friday night’s charity roast of yours truly. Producer and roaster David Mack has been working tirelessly to pull off another hilarious event, investing countless hours and some bucks to make this a memorable occasion. There are a few ways fans can help him out. First, you can buy merchandise from The Official Shore Leave Roast store on CafePress. Dave has offered premium seating to the first 70 attendees arriving in Bob t-shirts.For those with enough taste not to wear my face on their chest, Dave is offering producing credits for direct cash contributions. People who contribute will receive credit and a copy of the Roast DVD, which is sure to be a collector’s item.Everyone attending the con should consider attending the Roast. Admission is free although everyone is encouraged to make a donation to the American Red Cross. They will be on hand, happily accepting your cash or checks.All I need to do, apparently, is show up with a rebuttal script which I really should be writing one of these days. I can’t wait to see what Dave and roastmaster Alan Kistler have concocted.

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