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“The haggis is in the fire for sure.”That’s what Howard Weinstein said when I told him that our site was live and the press release formally announcing our existence had just been sent out.This has certainly been a work in progress since we began discussing the concept of Crazy 8 Press at last summer’s Shore Leave show. It’s why we picked this year’s Shore Leave to formally kick off our first book, Peter David’s The Camelot Papers. Our Facebook page is now also active. LIKE us and you’ll receive a nifty peak at the second chapter.As with any project involving multiple personalities, there will be debates. I doubted any of us imagined the number and length of the debates over the tiniest of issues. It certainly led two of the founders to depart, reducing the eight to six but we kept our name because, you know, we’re crazy. Peter has even gone to the general reading public to solicit their opinion over pricing so it’s really been an interesting time.Over the last few weeks things have picked up steam. The book was edited, then it was formatted, then we readied to send the first chapter out to those who had previously signed up for the newsletter. On the day the file was to go out, we had a technical issue that led to 48 hours wailing and gnashing of teeth.All better now. We’re in the home stretch of finalizing the eBook and Print on Demand links and files so we should smoothly launch during the Meet the Pros party. We have another stunt up our sleeves to be announced next week and then we’ll be off and running.Our second book is written with the third and fourth books well underway. Our backlist offerings are being formatted and should be up on the site throughout July.Several of our friends and peers have been so excited about what we’re doing that they asked if they could come play with us. We’re working out how to time that and which ones to invite to the party first. I’ve not been involved in a startup like this before and while it’s been nerve-wracking at times, it’s also pretty darn exciting.

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