What I Will do on my Summer Vacation

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On June 30, my two online classes came to their scheduled conclusion and it appears I have aced both classes, satisfying the state’s demand that I deepen my literature base. With those obligations completed, I was a free agent until August 29 or so. That’s about eight solid weeks with no school assignments of any kind.I now remember the elation I felt as school was declared out for the summer.So, how shall I spend all this free time? The first free day was spent with Mike Friedman and Peter David, rehearsing for next week’s Mystery Trekkie Theater at Shore Leave, planning Crazy 8 Press stuff, and talking about a long gestating project. A fun time was had by all, trust me.There’s a growing stack of personal reading that has been patiently waiting for my attention. Already read one of those and about to begin another.It’s also time to start generating some income and once I get the green light, expected Tuesday, I will begin writing another ghost project. The sample chapter was delivered in June and I have been researching on and off so can dive right into that.Of course, I need to write some stuff for Crazy 8 Press, too. There’s a collaboration with Aaron Rosenberg awaiting me, right after I revise the Young Adult sample chapters and get those off to the interested agent.Between those two and my reading, I should be set. But there are also my obligations to the Democratic Town Committee as we move into campaign mode. Later this month we have the special meeting to select candidates and that’s proving time consuming.My mom will be around for a few days followed soon after by Deb’s sister and family for three days. We’ve hired our nephews to come rebuild a retaining wall so there will be plenty of family to visit with as well. And Deb and I are actually planning a short getaway with the parameters roughed out and this week I have to refine it and start making reservations.While there’s no school work, there’s also no shortage of things to do to occupy my time. I’ll want to see friends, even take a trip the Big Apple for a mix of business and pleasure. And before I know it, I’ll be heading back to Darien. But for now, I look forward a summer without anywhere near as much pressure as the first six months of 2011 presented me.

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