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After all the talk and anticipation, suddenly, this week is Shore Leave 33 and I’ll be busier than ever. For those attending, here’s my schedule and please, come say howdy.Friday7-9 p.m. The Character Assassination of Robert GreenbergerThe third annual charity roast for the American Red Cross. David Mack, I gather, has gone above and beyond this year, guaranteeing that this year’s event is the most memorable one yet. He’s even recruited his adorable wife, Kara, to direct so he can be the obsessive compulsive producer. The e-mail about the rehearsal schedule was pages long so you can imagine.10 p.m.-Midnight Meet the ProsAs usual, a bookseller will have most of our in-print works for sale and we’ll have stuff on our own to hawk. The six inmates that comprise Crazy 8 Press will be seated together since our first eBook is available this day. We’re also accepting opening line suggestions for a stunt that will happen Saturday and Sunday.Saturday10-11 a.m. MeI’ll take the stage, ramble for 10 minutes then, with Glenn Hauman’s able assistance, we’ll show movie trailers followed by Q&A until they throw me off the stage.Noon-1 p.m. Crazy 8 PressWe first mentioned this project at Farpoint and now that it’s a reality, Glenn, Peter David, Mike Friedman, Aaron Rosenberg, Howard Weinstein and yours truly will talk about what we’re doing, when we’re doing it and how you can help. The panel will end with our selecting the first line of a story and then for the remainder of the weekend, the Crazy 8 Press team will take turns writing the story on the convention floor. A week later, we’ll make it available for sale with the proceeds helping the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.3-4 p.m. Misconceptions About Tie-In LiteratureI will try and get a word in edgewise about the topic but since I share the dais with Greg Cox, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Peter, Mike, and David R. George III I may just wave.3-5 p.m. Annual How to Write Everything Workshop Well, once I finish the above panel, I’ll come barreling in to join Howie, Bob Jones, Dave Galanter, and Kelly Meding.Sunday10-11 a.m. The Bob & Howie ShowOnce more, we’ll find oddities to talk about, things we love and hate to argue about and kill an hour as we all slowly make our way into the show’s final day.11 a.m.-Noon Writing Super-Hero NovelsI’m probably crashing this panel to join Keith, Greg, Peter, Christopher Bennett, David Mack, Mike, Kelly, and Alan Kistler. Or I’ll just sit in the audience and heckle.5-6:30 p.m. Mystery Trekkie TheaterPeter, Mike, and I once more skewer an episode of Star Trek in the manner of Mystery Science Theater. Which one? What will we do for the opening? Stick around and find out.Additionally, I recommend watching Kate and her fellow Boogie Knights Saturday at both 11 a.m. and during the Masquerade half-time show. There’s also Saturday evening’s Third Annual Robbie Greenberger Memorial Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.

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