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So, the blog has been quiet for a week and for that I apologize. You’re probably wondering if I’ve recovered from Roast and I have and it had little to do with the silence. Instead, I blame life. Here’s what’s been going on:


I returned from the con and dedicated myself to completing the revisions to the Young Adult novel that has been awaiting my attention since March. That took Tuesday and it is now off to my Beta Reader for additional feedback.I then turned my attention to the ghost writing project which calls for 55,000 words of brilliance by September 1. The sample chapter was approved in June so I dove into the research and began conducting several online interviews. Then I began writing and realized the outline handed to me no longer made sense. I therefore revised it and submitted it to my client to see what they thought. I got a green light and proceeded to work. I am now just over 39,500 into the raw, first draft and feeling pretty good. I have lined up other interviews for the book and expect to hit my target without too much trouble, which will free me to move on.

Crazy 8 Press

Once the ghost book is off to my client, I can then focus on one or two projects for our new venture before I return to being a student. One is part of a long series of novellas that has been gestating for quite some time now while the other is something I talked about at Shore Leave. Bloodlines is a fantasy to be co-written with Aaron Rosenberg and it has an outline and three chapters done so we know where this is going. I’m pretty excited about getting back to fiction and having something for the website.Meantime, our collaborative story Demon Circle, written to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, is about to be uploaded and should be on sale this week as promised.


The other thing that has been consuming my life has been gearing up for this week’s Special Meeting of the Democratic Town Committee. As Vice Chair I’ve been taking point on organizing things and making certain we were all on top of which candidates we do (or don’t) have for slots. We’ve been revamping the website to coincide with this so that’s taken extra time as I’ve been working with our web designer, whose done lovely work. It’s amazing how many moving parts there are to the political process and the campaign hasn’t even really begun yet.

Household Stuff

Our retaining wall has been crumbling for some years now as the railroad ties have deteriorated and beg for replacement. We put it off for one reason or another until it became clear that replacing the wall and filling in with more soil was now essential. Fortunately, we have skilled family we can hire for such jobs. My nephew Tim came down for the weekend and led the work, aided by his dad, my brother-in-law John, and another nephew, Zachary. Fortunately, Zach lives nearby so did the prep work days before and we arranged for lumber and rock to be delivered. Still, I spent a good chunk of Saturday running to Home Depot and Stop & Shop because there was always something else needed. Still, they did great work in a short amount of time so the wall was done by Saturday night. Sunday, Tim filled in the last of the rock and cleaned up. Zach will be back this week to shovel in more rock that arrives and then we need some soil to fill in the gaps and then Deb can plant and fuss to her heart’s content.All told, life has been pretty full.

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