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What a wasted day.Yesterday, the external monitor acted up, repeating a problem I had about two months back. At the time, it was diagnosed as a series of driver issues and that my relatively new laptop was already hopelessly out of date with drivers for the port replicator I was using for docking my peripherals.So, I tried to self-diagnose the problem and finally gave up, calling HP’s crack support team. After a while, they decided it had to be a Dell problem and that I needed a driver for the external monitor I was using. Not so fast, Dell tells me; their monitors are plug and play, no drivers needed.I shut down the system, unplugged stuff and tried a clean restart to see what would happen. That’s when old problem number two reared its ugly head. The laptop wasn’t booting. When this happened the first time, it required me to totally reinstall the Operating System.Once more on the phone with HP, we go through a series of personnel, largely because I kept getting transferred to the wrong party. When I got the right person, a lovely woman named Bhavani, we got to work. She had me going through a series of diagnostics, which was time consuming but reassured us that the hard drive was intact. That meant, she declared, the motherboard was bad and I would have to return the system. We managed to get into the laptop and recover my personal files, which went to the external hard drive.She was documenting the case and would call me back.  I hauled out the old and creaky Dell laptop and began preparing it for service once more.After two hours of waiting, I called HP and spoke to someone else. He couldn’t believe she said it was the motherboard nor did her case file notes have half the stuff we discussed and did. He did some checking about both issues, had me download a new BIOS update for the laptop and a graphics driver for the replicator and…wow, everything worked.I put the Dell laptop away, reconfigured my desk…again…and suddenly it was 3 p.m. This began before 9 a.m. so literally, my work day was shot. While I did manage to read a book for review and finish another tome I had lying around, it frustrated me no end.When I finally managed to get to work, I did manage to complete the first draft of the ghostwriting project and can now let it marinate for at least a week before I go back and polish it before delivering. (I also saw that the first ghostwriting project finally got solicited and hope to be able to discuss it with you all soon.)

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