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The summer is now more than half over and there’s been no let up to the pace of activity. This week had me working on completing what are essentially several first drafts.The Democratic Town Committee website, rebuilt for me by my pal Allyn Gibson, was the first done, as I created pages for all the candidates and began filling them in as data has become available.I completed two more interviews and the first draft of my ghostwriting project is complete. I was contracted for 55,000 words and the draft is just over 60,000 so that gives me some room to maneuver. The manuscript is being looked over by a colleague and next week I will begin polishing in order to meet my deadline.(Speaking of ghostwriting, the first such project, written over the winter, will be out in the fall and once it sees print I’ll be allowed to talk about it. I can’t wait.)I then spent the majority of the week working on the first draft for my portion of a project that has been gestating since January 2009. It’s one of this things that heats up, gets all involved very excited then something derails us and we move on to other things. The digital world we now live in has created new options that didn’t exist even two years ago and this is back up and running. It is going to be appearing through Crazy 8 Press and we’ll be talking more about it here and there.But, I wrote an 8000 word story this week, based on the outline from February 2009 and it felt pretty good to be writing fiction again. This is now marinating and will also be reviewed and cleaned up in the next few days.Since I wrapped that a little earlier than expected, I also researched and wrote my two August columns for Westfield Comics and those will be appearing over the next few weeks.You wonder what’s next? First up is my chapter for the forthcoming The Art of Spider-Man Classic , which shouldn’t take too long. Following that will be Bloodline, my collaboration with Aaron Rosenberg for Crazy 8. We have an outline, we have three sample chapters and are both eager to get back to it.Boy, I enjoy feeling productive.

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