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As I prepare to take some time off, before school and the campaign season kick into high gear, I find myself in a whirl of activity.I wrote my short story for the project that has been kicking around since2009 and got that off to my editor. I have no clue if it sucks or not and he’s been quiet on the point. I have my moments of self-doubt, especially since my pal Aaron gave me honest but voluminous notes on my Young Adult novel sample chapters. The editorial comments are good ones and ones I probably would have noticed had someone other than me written the prose. Still, it made me wonder if I should give up on fiction and stick to the non-fiction.Yeah, we writers can be filled with self-doubt at the drop of a hat.Speaking of non-fiction, I had tremendous fun researching and writing my 1970s chapter for The Art of Spider-Man Classic. After working with Peter David on the Spider-Man Vault, this came pretty easily. My editor, Rhett Thomas, says he likes what I’ve done and has asked me to write a few more short pieces to help him beat the Dreaded Deadline Doom, so that will occupy tomorrow.Of course, this also means my other projects all get pushed back a day and I really need to polish the ghostwriting project and deliver that soon followed by the YA revisions because, before I know it, I’ll be back at Darien and grad school. As it is, I report tow Darien two weeks from today so I can hear the ticking of the clock, mu summer winding down, already.It’s why I look forward to shutting down the computer for a few days in favor of R&R with Deb even though I know full well the siren call of e-mail will keep me plugged into the greater world as some things won’t be able to wait. I will take what rest and fun I can get because we’ve both been working really hard and it’s time to recharge.

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