My Summer Comes to an End

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When I returned from Baltimore, I was rested and relaxed, feeling good. I figured I had time to wrap some things before classes began on Monday. Then it dawned on me that I needed to be back at high school, resuming my internship on Wednesday. I had secretly hoped I would be needed only today then free two more days.I was disabused of that as I walked in this morning. The school building is cleaner, and certainly quieter without the students. The faculty was happy, hugging and shaking hands, catching up on summer plans. I was welcomed back with a sense of familiarity which made me feel a part of the whole.Being here, even though there is little practical for me to do, is a good opportunity for observation. I get to see how everyone ramps up to welcome the students for a new school year. There was a mass faculty meeting, with breakfast, already and we got some good news. CAPT schools across the board were up, 50% of students who took the AP exams received a 5 while over 94% received a 3 or better. ACT scores were at a five year high. All encouraging signs.There’s a district wide convocation later then departmental meetings. Tomorrow is more planning for new programs and Friday is freshman orientation.I’m no longer the new intern, so no longer the first assigned for an opening. With luck that will give me a certain flexibility for more observation and more English assignments. We’ll see once classes resume next week.One down note was the sudden absence of an English teacher, out on medical leave, and he will not be replaced with a long-term sub. The department coordinator offered me his desk, which is a little more spacious and private than the one I have been using since January. I haven’t moved yet, fond of the teachers I’m clustered with, but we’ll see.Looking back, the summer was largely a success. I rest. I wrote. I traveled. I did two cons. I devoted far more time to the organizing the Democratic election campaign than I ever imagined, robbing me of some of my other goals.I was far from idle. I wrote one book and one short story while revising and revising yet again the YA sample chapters.  I did some discretionary reading although nowhere near as much as I thought I would.The flexibility and freedom that comes with summer is over as new routines settle in.

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