On both the Democrat and Working Families Ballot

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When I threw my hat into the ring for the Representative Town Meeting, one of the first pieces of mail I received was a questionnaire from the Working Families party. I filled it out because I found myself agreeing with their vision and goals. A few weeks later I was invited to a phone conference with their board and was endorsed by them to appear not only on the Democrat line but also the Working Families line.While it may appear odd that the Vice Chair of the DTC is also being represented by another party, I feel it’s important for people to know what I stand for and by appearing here, I also appeal to those unhappy with the nation’s two major political parties. Once endorsed, getting the requisite signatures for placement on the ballot was a breeze and gave me a chance to reconnect with neighbors.The Working Families’ values are seeking elected officials who will ensure that actions taken by a municipality help and do not harm the backbone of our society. This manifests itself by asking towns to offer jobs with “fair pay and decent benefits that can support a family”, that fair wages allow families to live above the poverty line and do not require state assistance. They want green jobs and want towns to support business neighbors who provide domestic job opportunities. Additionally, they want better thinking when it comes to raising revenues, asking the state to reconsider its over-reliance on property taxes and ensuring that whatever revenue is raised is spent wisely.Beyond those common sense issues are some of the trickier ones such as paid sick days. Now, Fairfield employees have those benefits and the RTM is not likely to approve any contract that undoes those benefits. “No one should have to choose between their job and their family’s health.” And certainly we should be encouraging our local businesses to consider offering similar benefits to their fulltime employees.  Similarly, affordable health care has to be in the mix, especially in light of rising medical costs.And no one can argue with the need to maintain a strong education system, keeping our children competitive in a 21st Century economy.This is a first for me and I have to say, I am proud to have their endorsement and to appear on their ticket along with several others from Fairfield.

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  1. It’s interesting that you would be glad to have their endorsement. What are their views on unions and how much power they have in the state? What about abuse of sick paid time off and forcing employers to provide it? I’m surprised that being endorsed by them would be important to you. Good luck.

  2. Wait, what is wrong with unions? They give working people a chance to earn enough to support a family … with the dwindling middle class I wish we had more of that.

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