My Life – An Update

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You’re probably wondering what’s going on. I’m certainly not blogging with my usual regularity. Well, the honest answer is: I’m busy. Really busy.Five days a week I continue to do my internship at Darien High School, steeping myself in the environment. It certainly feels comfortable, especially the way faculty treats me as a peer and the students are getting familiar with my presence. It’s a tremendous experience.Three days a week I come home from high school and switch from teacher to student, taking my final three graduate courses. They all come with reading and homework and that requires plenty of time.On the freelance front, there’s all sorts of stuff going on. First, the Animal Planet graphic novel for Silver Dragon is nearing completion after numerous delays. It’s coming together nicely and should be a good looking book when it sees print a few months from now.I have been invited to work with a close friend on a project and we’ve been hired to produce an outline and a sample chapter. He wrote the outline and I wrote the 5400 word sample chapter which he then edited and I revised, letting it swell to something like 6100 words. Now we wait and see what happens.There’s another project that fell into my lap that has me tremendously excited because it’s right in my wheelhouse, but it comes with a ridiculous deadline that has had a few dominoes fall as a result. As soon as I can, I’ll be talking about this.Some of the above means I’ve had to put aside my first Crazy 8 Press project but trust me, I can’t wait to get back to it.The other dominoes that fell are local as I have had to step down from running the Democratic campaign for the townwide elections. I also stepped aside from running the literature committee. I remain a candidate for the Representative Town Meeting and, weather permitting, will spend part of the weekend hitting the streets.All of this has put a tremendous amount of pressure on my time but its all worthwhile and satisfying work so it’s well worth doing.As things continue to develop, I will happily keep you posted.

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