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It sometimes rains and sometimes pours.The freelance work has been incredibly iffy, which is why I have pursued my teaching certification, but I still want to keep my hand in.Sometimes this means I can work on my own projects, aimed at Crazy 8 Press, and sometimes opportunity comes knocking.One of my assignments has proven to be a boomerang project; every time I think I’m done, I’m asked for something else. In this case, there’s a fundamental disagreement between the author (me) and the publisher over tone and style. But, being a work-for-hire project, they win so today I began an overhaul on the manuscript, which I delivered months ago and have reviewed twice before.This, though, is taking time away other projects, including one I think we’ll be talking about later next week, once I get the green light. Meantime, I am finally in the home stretch of completing the packaging of the Animal Planet graphic novel for Silver Dragon Books. It’s shaping up nicely but the entire thing has taken far longer than any of us involved expected.There are other projects out in the ether that I fear will actually get the green light simultaneously or have deadlines that overlap with the current one on my desk. And then, this afternoon, a casual conversation with a classmate led to an interesting offer although my first response was, “Not until January.” January, you see, is when the next project is due to the publisher so yes, I am working on something big and involved while still interning, taking classes, doing homework, and running for the Representative Town Meeting.Unfortunately, it means I’m woefully behind on magazines, the new TV season, and updating here. Please forgive me. All I’m doing is terribly exciting and important and I can’t wait to talk about it all. Look for some news on Tuesday about one of my older projects which can finally be discussed.

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