Yes, I Will be at New York Comic-Con

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I’m playing hooky on Thursday, taking one of my precious few sanctioned days off from the internship to head into New York City for the New York Comic-Con.Given my crushing schedule of commitments, I will only be there all day Thursday and late Friday afternoon. I am heading in mostly to see old friends in town for the show and I have two business meetings. Unfortunately, the con did not see fit to add me to any of their programming, although that does mean I will be on the show floor the entire time I am there.I think the show has grown in size and sophistication, easily beginning to rival Comic-Con International and giving the East Coast the major comic book show it has lacked since the Phil Sueling shows of the 1960s-1970s.  With luck, I will make it through the crush of people and catch up with my pals. I do wish circumstances would have allowed me to be there all four days since I am clearly not going to see everyone I would like to see,But if I see you, please wave hello.

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  1. Bob, I’m going to be covering the convention for Wikipedia as I usually do, and your article lacks a photo. May I photograph you for your article, and if so, can you email me to tell me what booth or events you’ll be at? Thanks. 🙂

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