It was 31 Years Ago Today

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Over the last few years, I’ve had to share Deb with the sheep, alpaca, and llamas up in Rhinebeck. The annual Sheep & Wool Festival tends to be in mid-October meaning it usually falls on our anniversary weekend, sometimes even on our anniversary.I also get to share Deb with some of our friends and her brother Jim and his wife Jennifer. This usually makes for fun and collegial times and everyone is happy as they browse the vendors, groping yarn and oohing and aahing over the selections. This year, we were joined by Kate and her boyfriend Mike. Fortunately, Mike’s been to two Maryland Sheep & Wool Festivals already so had some idea what he was getting himself into although the size and scope of this exceeded those expectations.Knowing we were all going to be together and also knowing that Jennifer’s cousin Sally baked phenomenal cakes, I arranged weeks earlier for just such a cake to be awaiting us back at Jim and Jen’s house. They took care to casually invite us back to their home for dessert after the Festival and dinner out so Deb had no idea there was an anniversary cake awaiting her. Kate had also been tipped off and suggested to Jen that the cake be topped with a miniature champagne glass and a Coca-Cola-branded mug, replicating how we toasted one another a mere 31 years ago.Sure enough, everything went as planned and Deb was pleased and surprised.It was 31 years ago today that our life together began and it endures. Tonight, we’ll go out for an Indian dinner, then come home for leftover anniversary cake, relaxed and happy. Just as it should be.Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife.

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  1. This story could begin as,”It was a dark and stormy night and Deb couldn’t stop grinning as she walked down the aisle.”I still feel the same way.

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