Seal Team 6 Comes to Print

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Over the summer, Dynamite Entertainment asked me to rush edit a novel and sure enough, in under a week, I read, line edited, and completed my work on Seal Team 6, a prose novel by my pal Chuck Dixon. It was initially made available as an eBook, a first for Dynamite; and today, can be ordered as a print book in the new Diamond Previews catalog. If you like men’s adventure and military action, then this book is for you.Here’s the solicitation copy:SEAL TEAM SIX: A NOVEL160 page prose novel (6”x9”) • $9.99 • Teen +Written by CHUCK DIXONNew York Times bestselling author, Chuck Dixon’s first ever novel from DynamiteEntertainment! In the tradition of G.I. Joe, Punisher, Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Clive Cussler, Vince Flynn, W.E. Griffin, and Dale Brown: SEAL Team Six: The Novel!They are highly trained. Their missions are classified. They are our best and last hope. Yet they do not exist. Follow SEAL Team Six as they train, hunt and fight an enemy who reaches out from the most remote corners of the world to murder and maim. These highly-trained, military men are the unknown heroes who endure unimaginable hardship and murderous combat to protect our homeland.


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