Student Teaching Day One

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After four weeks off, I returned to Darien today to begin my student teaching. On the one hand, it was incredibly familiar since I have been coming to the high school regularly and on the other, I was beginning an entirely new chapter in my teacher preparation.I was welcomed back like a long, lost pal which felt great. I got a nice hug from the teacher who permanently replaced me replacing the now-gone English teacher from December.I attended the back-to-back World Lit Seminar classes and was introduced although I knew many of the students fairly well alread7y. We spent the first day of the one semester class reviewing the syllabus and dealing with questions so we eased right into things together.After a few periods off, I then attended the two English 10 classes, where I had previously subbed so was immediately made to feel welcome. There was a little confusion among them when it was explained that in a few weeks I’d be taking over the class and their regular teacher would be absent from the room but they were ultimately comfortable with it.And after classes ended, the two teachers and I sat down to review the voluminous paperwork from University of Bridgeport and map out how the twelve weeks would work, when I would take over which class and which four week stretch all four would be mine. That allowed us to solidify that I would handle Macbeth for English 10, as planned, and now add in Imagining Argentina for World Lit, plus largely supervise their third quarter paper. We were fortunately all comfortable with one another and they have confidence in me after interning and the December trial by fire.This is going to be fun, I think.


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