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Eight days. I realized over the weekend I am down to my final eight days of student teaching after the break.It’s been crazy and hectic as I try to do more teacher observations to work on the areas that have been identified as weak spots. And there remains a ton of paperwork I still need to complete for the Student Teaching program but mainly it’s been all about the kids.This past week was a short one thanks to my day off for a visit to the film set. But it remained a busy week. Monday was a professional development day and the morning was spent attending four different mini-sessions as teachers explained to us things they had been focusing on throughout the year. It was interesting being taught by the faculty and I did learn quite a few things which was helpful. I spent the afternoon meeting with my advisor, going over some of the differentiation struggles I’ve been having.On Tuesday, the sophomores came in to review grammar. We spent the period working on relative pronouns, playing a game where everyone stood working with review sheets. For every correct answer they remained standing, sitting when they got one wrong. Last one(s) standing earned extra credit on the quiz.Wednesday, they met in their book clubs for the first time and spent most of the period talking about the books with one another, although I did have them provide a summary to the others about their book, the world, and significant details found so far. Many worked from their Goodreams.com groups, which has been a mixed activity to date.I was asked to do a final review with the kids on Thursday and was somewhat stumped as how to approach it since they’ve been filling in the blanks for a while now. I asked for suggestions in the faculty room and was told to have the kids break into groups, writing a quiz for another group, forcing them to study the worksheets. Brilliant and it seemed to go well enough.Meantime, the seniors spent the week reading and journaling now that they have begun the big fourth quarter paper. I sat there, reading Brave New World and was on hand should there be questions or the need to help them find other works in the library. All in all quiet.Plenty to do before the experience draws to a close and I can just hope it ends well enough for me to be certified especially now that districts have begun posting openings.


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