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The plan has always been to obtain my certification to teach English to 7-12 graders but in the back of my mind, I wanted to hedge my bets. I knew getting hired for just English was going to challenging given the job market so I wanted to find a way to make myself more marketable.Given my double major in English and History, the logical next step would be to cross-certify in English and Social Studies. When I checked with the social studies advisor at the University of Bridgeport, I learned I had great history credentials. What I lacked, though, were courses in related fields from anthropology to economics. I would need four undergraduate courses across those disciplines to qualify for such certification.Now that I know I have the summer relatively free, I decided to take the plunge and have registered for two such courses. My hope was to attend in person at either Norwalk Community College or Housatonic Community College given their proximity. Unfortunately, they had nothing to offer so I resorted once more to online options.From June 18-July 26 I will be taking two such courses through Middlesex Community College where my cousin Rebecca happens to be teaching. I’ll take American Government, which was highly recommended by the social studies faculty at Darien, and Social Problems, a Sociology course that should be interesting.I registered (which proved more problematic than it needed to be), ordered the expensive text books and have begun the navigation process to get comfortable with each teacher’s style. It appears there will be plenty of reading and online engagement through message boards. One paper and a bunch of tests so I remain confident I can manage the course load.I do like teaching, and I do like learning, so this is a fine way to be spending a portion of my summer.


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