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I rarely get into New York City these days and yesterday was one of those days. It was great walking around the sixth floor of DC Comics, visiting with old colleagues from my days at DC and Marvel. When I see them now, it’s more about our spouses and our kids than it is about the comics, but that’s cool.I also had a lengthy conversation with Steve Saffel, an old friend and someone who I trust to take an honest look at things and give me a straight comment. As a result, our time together was invaluable in ways I never imagined when I first booked him time.Upon my return, there were dozens of e-mails and nearly 200 posts in my Google Reader demanding attention but I left them all for the morning.This morning alone has reminded me of the guy spinning plates atop thin poles from the old days of Vaudeville and The Ed Sullivan Show.

  • I read and replied to the e-mails.
  • I caught up on my Google Reader and Facebook.
  • I edited Latchkeys #5 and sent it to Aaron Rosenberg for his edits and production design.
  • I reviewed pitches for a prose anthology that literally was conceived and launched yesterday on an insanely tight deadline. Should this actually come together, you’ll be hearing about it.
  • I did some work on Crazy 8 Press marketing.
  • I did some very quick research to craft a pitch for a media tie-in possibility that recently came up.
  • I reviewed some art and some script for a graphic novel pitch in development for an interested editor.
  • I played judge and picked winners for the just-concluded Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows contest over at ComicMix.

That’s just crazy and quite atypical. And kind of fun.Now I need to put the freelance work aside to focus on my two just-started online courses. The complication is that I cannot access the website from home. Well, not with any degree of regularity so I need to pack up and head to the library and use their Wi-Fi where I know I have 100% chance of success.

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