Thrice Frustrated by Technology

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I love technology and embrace it at every opportunity in the hopes it makes life simpler, allowing me to get more done in the finite number of hours each day provides.This morning though, I rammed my head against the circuit walls three different times.I received an offer for three free months of HBO through ATT Uverse. Being huge Aaron Sorkin fans, we thought today would be a good time to try it so we could watch The Newsroom. Their website sucks and it kept asking me to log in here or link accounts there. After three or four attempts, I finally got to the right page only to discover the standard def channels were free, the HD channels would run us $10 a month so in the end, not so free after all. We’ll have to wait for the discs.After struggling most of last week to access my online course website, thanks to an ATT Uverse internet issue, I wound up clearing my cache and cookies. As a result, I could no longer access the eTools portion of the Weight Watchers website. The mysterious account number I need apparently is so secretive they won’t give it to me again unless I fax for it or snail mail a form.Meantime, Kate thoughtfully ordered me the 70th Anniversary Blu-ray box set of Casablanca. Despite assurances it would arrive in time for Father’s Day, the tracking showed it wound up in Fairfield the Thursday before but after a week, it never quite made it from the post office to my house. Kate contacted Amazon, who happily sent me a replacement gift, which arrived as promised. On Saturday, the missing box was finally delivered but because the order number was incompletely printed on the receipt, I cannot use the automated website to arrange a return and credit the account. Their online help clearly didn’t read my question and suggested my “gift card” had an incomplete number so I wrote back and await word.Just amazing how things can so utterly fail and frustrate the customer.

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