The Rush Before the Storm

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While my blog appears to be quiet, life in the basement is anything but.Since I was confirmed for San Diego Comic-con, it’s been a bit of a rush as I tried to stay atop existing work while reaching out to people I am likely to see at the show to generate new work. It’s been educational seeing who has replied to my notes, what was said, and which ones have yet to respond.I’ve also been prepping for the After Earth panel, reviewing the materials we’ll be talking about and making certain I sound authoritative without spilling too many beans.I suspect much of my time there will be social and I’ve reached out to numerous old friends in the hopes of setting up meals or meet-ups. As you might imagine, that has been more successful.Beyond that, over at Crazy 8 Press, Aaron Rosenberg and I have been working very hard as we try to complete an anthology that didn’t exist a month ago. And yet, with tomorrow’s deadline, it appears that there will be 11 stories, eight illustrations, a logo and a cover painting. We’ll have some details on this in the coming days once all the stories are in and read. 8 down, three to go so it looks good.My two online courses are keeping me busier this summer than the ones I took last summer. A lot more reading, more message board writing, more research and more tests. On Saturday, I took the first of two American Government exams, setting aside the required four hours but completing the work in just over 2.5 hours. I found out last night I received 100% so that makes me happy.About the only dangling thread in life right now is where I will be student teaching in the fall. As I feared, work on this began late enough that schools finished their sessions and effectively closed shop for the summer so no one is responding to the University of Bridgeport’s entreaties. But at least I am being updated and know they’re still on the case.

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