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Every vote counts.We’re told that again and again, and if the lessons from the disastrous 2000 election – requiring the intervention of the Supreme Court – have started to fade from memory, let me remind you.Last November, I ran to rejoin the Representative Town Meeting and wound up losing the election by a mere 2 votes. In reviewing the voting rolls, I learned that four people on my block, those who swore I had their support, never bothered to vote. I could have won had people actually exercised their rights and cast ballots.It is far more important you get out and vote than you vote for the people I prefer. The more votes, the more truly representative the results will be and the people serving from the White House to the State Legislature will truly be the result of the people’s will.Don’t put it off to the end of the day. Next time you step out your door, include a stop at your polling place, read the ballot carefully, and make as informed a choice as you can. If you haven’t considered leaving your home today, please reconsider your decision.

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