Adios, Leverage

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After a day of chores around the house, I finally settled down to catch up with the world and was disappointed to see the news at Deadline that Leverage is canceled. The series completes it fun five season run on Christmas evening and thankfully producers John Rogers and Dean Devlin decided to hedge their bets and make the season finale the final episode they always wanted to make…just in case.The ratings have been falling while the budget has tightened and while the show still has a loyal following; it just isn’t enough to sustain it.The series about con men growing bored with crime and teaming up to do some good was a fresh premise when the show arrived. It had edgy characters, unpredictable situations and marks taken from the headlines so it felt relevant. Along the way, though, the show has also grown a little soft. The characters’ edges have been worn down and while they’re not downright cuddly, they’re certainly warmer and softer, towards one another and the people coming to them for help.Just a week or two back, Deb noted that the show has definitely lost a step and I had to grudgingly agree. There was less of an element of risk involved and we’ve gotten to predict what the characters would do.Still, it was one of my favorite series thanks to strong writing, top-notch direction and a very appealing cast. Best, they used a set of recurring, almost ensemble, players from Kari Matchett to Jeri Ryan to Mark A. Sheppard, given the show some depth and showcasing some good actors.I will watch the show and take solace in the fact that three pals – Matt Forbeck, Greg Cox, and Keith DeCandido – will continue the Leverage action with their 2013 novels.To the cast, crew, and producers: thanks, it was a wonderful run. What’re you all doing next?


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