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Yesterday, Mike Friedman, Steve Saffel and I were at Chez David, helping Kathleen ready the house for Peter’s return next weekend. Glenn Hauman got a lot done the day before and we completed the assigned tasks and tidied up a bit more. Meantime, the bills are starting to arrive as are ways to help the Davids raise money to keep things as steady as possible.We have two fundraisers that are going at this point.One is being spearheaded by Ariel.From the Desk of Ariel L. David:First of all I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. You do not know what a big impact it has made both emotionally and physically. It is always wonderful to hear that someone has bought a book or left a nice message. It brings smiles and hope to my family. Second, as many of you know I’m planning to do an auction to try to raise money for the medical bills. I wanted to ask for donations of items and such for us to auction. If you have anything please email me at We are planning an auction at the convention Farpoint Valentine’s weekend. Also once I have enough items I will be working with Glenn Hauman to set up an online auction as well.Ariel has in her possession a ton of autographed material from Bill Mumy and Harlan Ellison among others. A detailed list will be posted soon.The other is being spearheaded by JK Woodward who has been the Fallen Angel artist since it moved from DC to IDWHere is the information that JK sent me for the Art Auction in Development and the Art Auction in Progress. JK notes, “And I’ll be announcing the auction which goes live on 2/13/13 on my blog
I’ll also be announcing any further developments and new artist there as well.”

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