Moving Days — Both Emotional and Physical

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For those who missed it, yesterday was Robert Greenberger Day in Fairfield. I didn’t learn of this momentous occasion until about 8:30 p.m., giving me only a few hours to revel in it.The reason I was so honored is because last night marked my retirement from the Democratic Town Committee. The resignation was prompted by the big change in my life and the reason I’ve been sporadically posting.By month’s end we will be relocating from Connecticut to Maryland. The move is being driven by my wife correctly divining the stars, noting that our life circumstances are at a point where this move closer to Kate comes at the right time. This was a conversation which began leisurely over the summer and picked up speed over the fall as we confirmed the stars were indeed in the right place at the right time. We began purging the basement and used one of my fellow DTC colleagues to be our realtor. She walked through the house and gave us a laundry list of cosmetic and substantive things to maximize the house’s value.Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the comedy duo of Ray and Ivan tackled the list and then some. By the holidays we had a renovated kitchen among other areas and marveled at it all. January saw Ray and his backup team renovate our deck and add a front walkway as we placed things in storage to “stage” the house for its listing. Having heard all the woes about the real estate market, we were ready to list and wait the months before the house sold.Instead, it listed and we had an offer within two weeks. Long story short, we negotiated and settled on a price and a late March closing date. With about six weeks’ notice, we had to find somewhere to live, and begin the intense process of relocating after 20.5 years in the same place. Thankfully, we were already scheduled for Farpoint in Maryland so tacked on two days for house hunting, working with a realtor who came recommended. Before heading down, people we both knew recommended communities which helped us focus our thinking which first stretched from White Marsh to Annapolis.We found ourselves gravitating towards townhouses over single family homes and wound up successfully bidding on a place. There were days where we did nothing but sign documents and negotiate with lawyers and realtors representing the seller or the buyer. Meantime, we received about seven moving estimates and that became an interesting exercise in trying to reduce them to apples to apples comparisons.So, last night was my final night as Vice Chair. Deb made her very first appearance at a DTC meeting, a lovely sign of support. She arrived in time to see our state representative, Kim Fawcett, say some nice words and present me with an Official Citation from the Connecticut General Assembly, introduced by the full Fairfield delegation. Then Selectwoman Cristin McCarthy Vahey read the proclamation on behalf of ailing First Selectman Michael Tetreau.  Her remarks began by recognizing Deb’s enduring support of my community service and thanking her for that. She then noted my work in town and in the party, mentioning that even during Robbie’s darkest days, I still served as RTM Moderator, never missing a meeting. Similarly, my friends Doug Jones and Lisa Winjum talked about our strength during those days five years ago and my collegial attitude. Lisa, Jay Wolk, and Marc Patten all talked about my welcoming nature and support of their involvement, mentoring as needed.I haven’t been this touched and moved by the outpouring of support and affection in a long, long time. It was all put together on incredibly short notice by my closest ally and friend in town, Heather Dean, who made certain things were done and the night went without a hitch.I have one more meeting of the Fairfield Arts Advisory Committee this week and then a chapter of my life draws to a close. Maryland has county government and everything works differently so it’ll be a while before I get active in anything. First, we continue to purge and pack, making the countless arrangements required to transition to a new home and fresh beginning. Our calendar fills with people hoping for one last meal or drink before we depart, as try and hit our favorite restaurants in the process.At some point we can take the time to pause and get excited about it all. Right now, though, the checklist of things to do turns excitement into stress. It’ll get done, of course, but until we can begin unpacking in the new home, there will be little time to really pause and reflect.

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  1. Bob,Words cannot convey the emotions I have right now. You have been a wonderful boss, mentor, therapist and more importantly…friend. It has been a long journey for both of us, on parallel roads suffering loss and reveling in triumph. Change is not only necessary but an integral part of life. I wish this next chapter in yours to be one of happiness and continued success. My love you to both and thank you for always being there…for everyone.

  2. You have honored me with your friendship, words and loyalty. I will miss you (and Deb) terribly. I wish you health, wealth and above all, happiness in your new endeavour.

  3. Oh Bob, congratulations on selling the house and finding a new home! How wonderful it will be for you and Deb to embark on this new adventure and chapter of your lives! I have valued both of your presence in my life over the last five years, and I hope that continues!Wishing you two all the best 🙂

  4. How will the affect your potential career as an educator? Is the job-market better? Have you investigated potential school districts that may be hiring for the fall?

  5. Even as I read you were moving to Maryland I was guessing (correctly) the motive. You didn’t say where you were going; depending on where you alight, I may know some folks who know some folks (though if you’re at Annapolis, you’re farther from my old hunting grounds — then again, Katie’s probably going to be of some help. Best of luck, congratulations, and send us that CoA!

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