Homeless (Sort of)

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We’re about one-third of the way through the interim period of homelessness and it’s not as bad as I feared.When we closed on the house last Friday, we were suddenly very cash rich, but technically, were homeless people without a fixed address. Since we don’t close on the Maryland home until next week, it’s this odd period which I have taken to calling an oasis, where I have nothing to pack or unpack.It’s not that we’ve been entirely idle. Deb has set up shop at Kate’s home desk and is managing to be quite productive. I’m ensconced at the dining room table, resorting to headphones for proper music fidelity. The dogs enjoy the extra walks and appreciate having their beds here for familiarity. Their routine has not altered all that much which has been good for them.We visited the new house this week, measuring everything in sight so we can properly determine the sorts of furniture and shelving we want to add. Deb and our interior designer, the fabulous Krystle, have been talking color schemes and reviewing digital paint chips. Once we get the keys next week, we unleash the painter to add color to the house, which sorely needs some color other than white and beige.We’ve caught up on our sleep and most of our television viewing. Heck, I actually read a book this week. We’re also finally really getting excited about moving into the house and starting this new chapter. We couldn’t believe the six week stretch from offer to closing actually happened as planned and now we can exhale and enjoy the moment.I’m regaining my focus for the most part, keeping up with my Cultural Anthropology work and finally getting back to finishing my ReDeus story. I’ve also begun applying to teaching jobs in the three nearest counties so we’ll see what happens over the next few months.

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