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And we’re back.Today marks my first day back at the desk since Thursday and the first work day in the new townhouse. The three weeks at Kate’s home zipped right by, helped in part by an unexpected whirlwind business trip out west, and things went better than hoped for. The dogs, in particular, settled right in, loving the extra walks they were getting.I spent parts of last week at the new house meeting with workmen as the final touches were given to the place in anticipation of the furniture and belongings arriving. The colors that Deb (aided by our designer pal Krystle) selected look great on the walls and the cleaning crew made the place look refreshed. We added cabinets and shelving, both inside and out, to maximize storage given the lack of attic and basement but addition of a garage. As a result, my concentration was shot as I tried to work my way through the final revisions of my ReDeus: Beyond Borders story. I managed to complete that and hit send before shutting down on Thursday.On Friday, no sooner did the movers begin unloading the truck than we began unpacking. One of us helped direct while the other opened and emptied boxes. The odd symmetry of life saw to it that we moved into Fairfield on a dark, stormy day that made things a muddy mess. The morning we moved into Fulton, it also rained but it ended by 11 and then the sun came out, warming things up in a hurry. They were done and gone around 4 and we kept working until the Master Bedroom was ready for us and the kitchen was taking shape.Saturday and Sunday was largely unpacking. I discovered the movers chose my office to dump boxes despite markings that read Guest Bedroom, Loft, or Deb’s Office so I was trudging up and down steps until things were where they really belonged. As a result, my space no longer resembles Charles Foster Kane’s warehouse and just needs real furniture before I can unpack. We also learned that the box marked pots and pans had neither and every other kitchen box was marked “China. Fragile.” This slowed down our organizing but we’re mostly sorted, thanks in part to Kate who spent a chunk of yesterday helping out. Her guy Mike worked with me in the garage, building some shelves and sorting through those boxes to the point where that may be the most organized unpacked part of the house.Right now I have a folding table and old typing table as desk and return, still pulling vital files from one of two shoulder bags. At least the computer is set up and I can get back into the swing of things.The dogs are adjusting to the (yet again) new surroundings and we’re moving from the “how on earth can we move in six weeks” feeling to the “oh my god, we’re in Maryland” phase. So far, the neighbors have been exceedingly friendly and the community gives us a good feeling.

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  1. So glad to hear that everything is taking shape and that all the colors look lovely!I can’t wait to see what it all looks like. Thankful to read your positive post today.-Krystle :)

  2. I helped an old friend move to a house in upstate NY years back. His movers did a little better. The fact that he was along to supervise helped.A former girlfriend used to be a civilian employee for the Department of the Army. She was transferred to a different base, and a GI work detail was assigned to pack her stuff. They made *no* assumptions. *This* box contained a carefully wrapped ashtray. *That* box contained what was *in* the ashtray when they went to pack it. If it was present in her place, it was packed to be moved, period. It was a learning experience for her.______Dennis

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