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Recently, we spent hundreds of dollars and three-plus hours of our lives making the final permanent changes to our residency. We surrendered our Connecticut licenses and registrations in exchange for Maryland documentation. Despite the mortgage papers and sales documentation, there is something very permanent feeling about this move.This weeky the final pieces of new furniture was delivered, allowing us to get the Living Room organized (although a space piece will not get collected by Habitat for Humanity until Saturday). We’ve been finalizing some rooms and have been hanging pictures in others. On Saturday, Deb patiently worked with me as we hung framed pictures and various plaques as tastefully in my office as possible. Me, I’d cram the available wall spaces with framed original artwork and the like, but she has tempered me. Still, the new configuration does allow me to add two pieces to the wall décor which I look forward to getting framed (although we seriously disagreed over matting choices).It’s not without its bumps. We had an HVAC repairman and plumber overlap one day this week  as minor problems got addressed while a handyman is completing repairs to a wall damaged by the movers (and discovered weeks later after we moved a chair). But now both air conditioners work and various things no longer leak so the townhouse is in better shape.The Maple Lawn community is rapidly expanding, considered only half complete at present. Walking the dogs, we marvel at the speed the foundations are dug and frames go up. We’re watching roads get dug out and infrastructure added. It’s all rather fascinating and thankfully, the dogs adore the four walks a day they get.The warmer weather has meant we’re seeing more of our neighbors and the 12 year old twins next door have proven able dog sitters, adoring them. Everyone is friendly and even those we haven’t formally met wave as they walk or drive by. There’s a quietness to the overall neighborhood which is quite unlike Fairfield.I’ve grown accustomed to doing the bulk of my shopping at the local Harris Teeter, grumbling under my breath at the paltry selection of certain items. I’ve been told no one supermarket will meet my needs as I was accustomed to further north, No one can explain why and it’d be interesting to figure out what changed. Careful planning also means each round of errands away from Fulton maximizes each trip since everything is just this much further away.All in all, it’s feeling more like home as the adjustments have gone from major to minor. 

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  1. Glad to hear you’re settling into the Old Line State. Hope you get a chance to explore downcounty in #MoCo, especially Silver Spring. There’s a great comic book store in downtown Silver Spring, in case you’re looking for options.

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