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AnimalPlanetTPBThe DiamondGraphicNovelCommonCoreList has arrived, designed to fit the newly introduced Common Core standards for schools. The Common Core, for those unaware, is being implemented in 45 states and the District of Columbia, a state-driven initiative to align standards to better prepare students for the competitive global economy. As a future educator, I think this is a terrific touch, with the list breaking the list down by grades and it’s a broad range of subjects and publishers.According to the release, “Arranged by grade level, the Diamond Graphic Novel Common Core List offers 98 graphic novels from our publishers that will fit into a Common Core curriculum, along with resources including Library Classifications, Subject Headings, and Core Standards which apply to each book. The list is intended both as an aide to educators and librarians and to show that Diamond supports the Common Core Standards as an effective tool to prepare students for the challenges in college and the workforce. The list was created by Diamond Book Distributors and library/education consultant Ellen Myrick, President of Myrick Marketing & Media.”Dinoasaurs and Prehistoric PredatorsDiamond has said this list will be expanded and constantly updated which makes sense given how much is released in any given year. Additionally, there is a Pinterest page for guidance.As a comics professional turning teacher, I am delighted that two of my projects made the list. These are the two projects — Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Predators and World’s Most Dangerous Animals and I packaged for Zenescope and The Discovery Channel. If you haven’t checked these out, please do. Soon, youmight even find them in the class room or school library which would be very cool.

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