Remembering a Missed Opportunity

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Some 20 years ago, Alan Gold and I were trolling the aisles of the Licensing Show. He had never been and as an editor at DC Comics, he wanted to see what might be worth licensing. By this point, DC had acquired Star Trek and were open to other properties if editors got enthused. He wanted to see what was selling, what might be a sleeper hit, and so on. I accompanied him, having been at previous shows for Starlog and wanted to help guide the way. By then, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what would work in comics and not.We paused at one booth and watched footage of a new show being syndicated in the United States. It was Japanese and featured a quintet of brightly colored uniformed teens. They were fighting all manner of kaiju with martial arts flair.We watched for a few minutes and decided the production values were for crap and while it might be aimed at the same demographic as our readership, it was likely to never catch on.A few years later, when the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers ruled the world, I admitted to being wrong and having missed out on a goldmine. This was the first major miss in my editorial career.This year, Haim Saban’s series is celebrating its 20th anniversary at Comic-Con International. I’m impressed at how it has constantly reinvented itself to stay both fresh and recognizable. From the PR, it seems like their third decade will show no signs of slowing down.I tip my cap to them and wish them well.

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