Happy 33rd Anniversary to Me and Deb

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I was 22 when I was lucky enough to marry Deb. I’m 55 now and today we celebrate 33 years of life together. Although I cannot usually perform any math, I came to realize that we have been together a long time.Looking back, the odds were certainly not in our favor. We were young, her family had their objections to me, my career prospects compared to hers were questionable. But, we entered into this together and have stayed that way.Along the way, there have been the layoffs, the job switches fraught with complications and stresses. We’ve moved a few times. We’ve had various and sundry pets enter and leave our lives. And of course, the crowning achievement was successfully raising Kate and Robbie. Even though he is no longer with us, I continue to take pride in what we accomplished.We are incredibly comfortable with another, still supporting each other’s disparate interests along with all that we have in common. I truly thing it is that blend of mutual and separate interests that helps keep our individual identities while still forming a team.All through the years, we’ve talked about being together and planning a future together. As retirement begins to enter the conversation more and more (even through it’s a good 15 years away), we dream about things we want to do and places we want to go. Key through it all is that we want to be there together, sharing those days to come.Tonight we’ll go out to dinner and celebrate all that has come before, but really, it’s all about the days to come and sharing those experiences side by side.

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