The Art of Ramona Fradon is Finally On Sale

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TNFRadoneTempCovAs I was wrapping up my work on The Art of Howard Chaykin in 2010, the folk at Dynamite Entertainment asked if I would edit The Art of Ramona Fradon. Apparently, Howard had several conversations with Ramona, the legendary artist best know today for her work on Aquaman and Metamorpho. I would need to weave together the two conversations and tidy things up.In reading through the transcripts, it was clear that Howard was enamored not only with her clean style, but with her plain spoken personality, noting how sassy she could be. Chaykin is not the only one so taken with her, which explains the introduction from Walter Simonson. I also found several gaps in the timeline, things that required some research and then getting Ramona to help fill things in.I would up spending 90 glorious minutes on the phone with her. Since Ramona never visited the offices during my years at DC Comics, we somehow never crossed paths at conventions. As a result, the conversation was a delight for me, someone who literally grew up with her work. Afterwards, I was thrilled with the plethora of her artwork illustrating the interview.My Westfield Comics editor, Roger Ash, did an online recommendation for the book which should shed some additional light on this.Last fall, I had the honor of interviewing Ramona onstage at the Baltimore Comic Convention where we covered some of the same ground and more.I wish I could explain why the book was delayed but I am assured that today it is in comic shops everywhere and available to order from your favorite online retailer. For anyone who liked her work on Aquaman or Super Friends, you’ll find this worth a look.

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One thought on “The Art of Ramona Fradon is Finally On Sale

  1. Ordered it immediately, Bob. Can’t wait — like you I grew up on Ramona’s art. It was a blast to be located next to her in Artist Alley at last year’s NYCC.

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