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As breaks go, this one was packed while still allowing me some downtime. Looking back, it’s amazing that so much got done while still leaving me feeling somewhat refreshed.On the home front it was a never-ending cycle of activity. Tuesday, the Geek Squad came to mount the new TV. That evening, we had a power outage that must have been powerful since the following morning we found both the DVR and soundbar fried. It took Verizon two boxes and a visit from a technician before we got everything sorted out but by then, it was Monday. Our soundbar still needs replacing.We had the trim in the Great Room painted, the penultimate step in our home repairs from the burst water pipe back in January. All we need is some of the quarter-round trim, which is set to be installed tomorrow (the original trim was accidentally used last week on a client named Greenberg.)The following day we had new patio furniture arriving, to replace the older, oversized stuff we brought from Connecticut. I had arranged to donate the older pieces to the Salvation Army only to discover I scheduled it for this week.Atop this, Dixie took ill requiring a vet visit and is responding well to her antibiotics. She is aging in fits and starts. At 13, she is going deaf and has never fully recovered from her stroke earlier this year.We watched as our Easter dinner for seven dwindled until it was just us and Kate and while that was still lovely (and the food tasty), it was not the family gathering we had hoped for. Still, we did manage to see Deb’s brother Jim and his wife Jennifer when they visited the first weekend of the break.Most of the break found me happily writing in my office. It began with knocking out all the grading I brought home so it wouldn’t hang over my head. Then I outlined and began writing the story intended for Crazy 8 Press’ third anniversary anthology, debuting in August at Shore Leave. I switched gears and expanded the Sherlock Holmes novel outline into a more detailed chapter-by-chapter outline, managing two-thirds of it before time ran out.I was also asked by a pal to help write scripts for health training modules, something brand new to me but nicely blending my academic experience with my writing work. I knocked out the outlines in fairly short order, but the scripting required a lot more time than anticipated so only got one completed.I read. I read comic books, completed one novel and read another. I am slowly catching up on my weekly magazines. And without the DVR, I found myself with time to actually binge the first six episodes of the addictive Orphan Black and look forward to the rest.Deb and I walked dogs together, did some shopping together, some general hanging out and that may have been the best part of being home. But all good things come to an end and at 5:27 this morning, I was up and resuming the school routine. Arriving, the kids were already counting down the 39 days before summer vacation (19 before the seniors are allowed to leave).

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