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Last year, it made perfect sense that I was nervous on day one. It was my first time in a classroom for real and there were five classes of strangers awaiting me. I was therefore surprised to see how nervous even the veterans were getting on Monday and Tuesday. I was feeling fine, though, better prepared and more comfortable in my surroundings.Of course, it was all a smokescreen. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, and when I finally drifted off, couldn’t stay asleep. The butterflies were here and for real. With nervous energy coursing through my veins, I strode the halls today, ready for the return of the students.With block scheduling, I saw three of my six classes today and it went fine. My first Honors 10 class is my smallest class and one where I knew a quarter of the kids from last year. They were quiet and needed my high energy cheerleading role and we did fine. My other two classes – my second Honors 10 and one Honors 11 – were larger and more energetic.We did icebreakers to stir things and get people talking to one another, then did some actual classwork before completing a final activity involving a ball of yarn (thanks, Deb!). They stated their name and a goal for the year then, still holding an end, tossed the ball to another student. By the end, I pointed out how we were all connected and while our goals might differ, as a class we can support one another and achieve them. Corny but I think I got the point across.One day down and it feels pretty good. 

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  1. I ALWAYS have the same dream right before school starts: I’m walking down the halls and I can’t find my classroom. Forty-one years of this dream.Welcome to the world of theater: we do four shows daily (I did five in the high school.)

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