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No, I’m not dead. Just very, very busy.For most of November, my free time has been sucked up by school or family matters. With four straight days off and a few things settled, I intend on catching up and resuming more or less regular posting here.In short, it’s been a very busy period. First, my mother-in-law relocated from Florida to Maryland so we had to assist in the transition. I was reminded all over again that I am at best a journeyman painter, lacking the patience for the detail work. It’s nice to have more family around and it’s also good to see her settling in and make new friends already. It’s also meant I’ve seen or spoken to more of my in-laws which is always nice, especially as we all pulled together for a singular goal.School has remained busy as ever although this month I added in several new activities of which two did well, the other not so much. All of this has taken time so even though I arrive at 6:40 and leave around 5, I never feel caught up or satisfied with the work being done. I chalk a lot of this up to growing pains.Atop all this, I have been taking what little free time there has been to work on some writing projects, one of which I can’t discuss as yet but is something a little different and totally familiar so that’s new (and enigmatic, eh?). I also continue to wait for the green light on one or more of several pitches that have been in for anywhere from three to thirteen months. And then there’s Crazy 8 Press’ next big project…announcement next month.But for now, as the slush mounts outside, I just wanted to raise my head and wave hello. Tomorrow we host and rest. We support this family-oriented holiday and refuse to endorse the foolish decision of some businesses to unnecessarily open their doors Thursday. I wish everyone a happy, safe, delicious Thanksgiving holiday.

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