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It’s been an extraordinarily quiet month on the blog and for that I apologize. I have been far from idle but the month has also had me in a nose-to-the-grindstone routine that has sucked away most of my free time.First, the teaching has been going well enough. I had my fourth and final observation this month and was rated Effective so am finishing the evaluation year in a strong position. I’m certainly being invited back for a third, summative year that will determine the whole tenure question. As we begin planning the 2015-16 school year, I already know my schedule is in flux as I gain Journalism and the school newspaper but do not yet know what I am giving up.  I am gratified to see the number of kids signing up for Creative Writing grow so I’ll likely have two sections of that next year as well.Between tightening my lessons and grading a ton of stuff, time seems to vanish with startling regularity. Twice a week I serve as the English teacher for our Apex program, online learning for select students who are making up for lost time or accelerating their exit from high school. While the four hours a week forces me to sit and grade or plan, it also leaves me feeling like a short order cook as I help the Apex kids or my own students needing extra help.All of this leaves me fairly tired at the end of each day and certainly exhausted at the end of each week.On the freelance front, as I promised here,  I have been diligently working on outlining my ReDeus novel and need to give the short version a third draft before I go any further and hope to spend the April break on that and my Pangaea short story. There’s some other stuff cooking which I hope to talk about in early April.Our dialogue here will resume its normal pace from here. Thanks for reading.

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