Two Years in Maryland

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The following was supposed to go live yesterday, but technical difficulties delayed things until this morning. As you read, pretend it is April 2.As of today, we have been official residents of Maryland for two years. It certainly doesn’t feel like two years and it still doesn’t quite feel like home yet. Of course, neither did Connecticut those first few years so it’s all an adjustment.We do look back in wonder at how much we accomplished in the 10 days between closing on the house and the actual move in. It wasn’t all perfect but we got the place ready to make it truly our own. Since then, we have been continuing to customize it, helped a lot by needing to replace the entire first floor flooring last winter. There’s more to do and Deb is already making grand plans for our tiny backyard and front yard spaces.I may still grouse about the need to travel two and three times the distance I used to for the basics, but I’m adjusting. I still wish somethings were closer and more conveniently located but as my part of Howard County increases in density, so too will the commercial aspects be more to my liking.We have begun to find favorites. After trying out a variety of places, we’ve pretty much settled on places for our hair, and Deb’s nails. We have restaurants we have been to repeatedly while still trying out other options. We’ve settled on two different places that serves up mostly acceptable pizza (nothing can beat the stuff still on Long Island and Manhattan) and found a source for bagels. I despair at the lack of bakeries when the need for pastries, pies, or cakes arises.We certainly have our routines down so the dogs pretty much know the routes we take them on during different times of the day although, as our development continues to be built out, new routes will present themselves. They like the walks and adore the recently opened dog park where they may run free.Our community is friendly enough with smiles, nods, and waves but we still only know a few of our neighbors. Without kids as a conduit for social connections, it seems to be tougher this time around. Deb has her circles through local knitting and book talk clubs while whatever social circle I have seems built around the English department faculty. Interestingly, we thought we’d be seeing more of the friends we’ve made through the Maryland convention scene but it’s less often. We do stay busy, though, with subscriptions to culture through the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Olney Theater and other events to fill out weekends. As it is, our calendar seems pretty full right into August already.We ask ourselves which day should be the real celebration: April 2 when we took possession of our home or April 12 when we physically moved in. We haven’t settled on it, but this year, at least, we’re celebrating tonight with dinner at one of our favorites, Mission Barbecue, and that’s just fine with me.

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